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Michael Mobbs! - wombat01
Michael Mobbs!
Today Linda and I went down to chippendale to look at Michael Mobbs sustainable house. It was great to see and if you get a chance it is well worth while. Michael himself is understated with a dry wit, and very entertaining. He is happy to tell you about his mistakes as well as the things that went right, so the visit was valuable and I came back with 3 or 4 things to add to the to-do list, including the need to put a vent in behind the 12 volt fridge in the floor to improve ventilation and efficiency of the fridge.

I have also been toying with getting an Aerobin compost bin, more efficient than the standard plastic squared bins I have, producting what I think will be a better compost. Seeing Michaels' one today along with the ones the council installed in their local park, I may just get one. Linda had seen one and was impressed too.

btw, the beard is growing back, slowly but surely. The sight of my own bare face in the mirror was weirding me out!

There is some good stuff going on - I now have the third bath to make the vertical constructed wetland, and I am talking about doing some work on a book with a lady tomorrow, but more on that as things develop.

Fun times!

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